Zoom Client

Meet, connect and learn with Zoom video conferencing.

Category list:Connectivity Tools Teaching & Learning

Zoom Client is automatically installed and updated on all managed staff computers.

The Zoom Client connects you to lectures, meetings and webinars conducted over the Zoom video conferencing network. Join from your desk on your laptop or desktop computer, or on the go from your mobile device. Chat, post questions, share your screen, raise your digital hand. Build your contact list from Deakin’s staff and student directory. Send messages, “Meet Now” and even invite people outside Deakin.

To get started with Zoom Client, see the Zoom Setup KB articles.

If you’re using Outlook in Office 365, you can sign into Outlook’s Zoom add-in to add a Zoom meeting invite to your meeting or event.

To get started with the Zoom Add-in for Outlook, see the Zoom Outlook Meetings KB articles.

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