Microsoft Edge

New multi-platform browser from Microsoft.

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Microsoft Edge is automatically installed and updated on Deakin managed workstations.

Edge is a new browser for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android from Microsoft, based on the same Chromium open-source project as Google Chrome.

Search or ask questions via Artificial Intelligence. Install extensions from either Microsoft’s own extensions store or Google’s to personalise your browser. Clear away the web junk from the content you want to read with Edge’s Immersive Reader. Take control of your browser with lots of security and privacy features. Use Edge’s Office 365 integration, via your Office 365 license provided by Deakin, to sync your bookmarks and settings across devices, and find the things you’ve been working on.

On Windows, the new Edge browser replaces the Legacy Edge browser, which Microsoft no longer supports. Digital Services also no longer supports the Legacy Edge browser or Internet Explorer.

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