Duo Multi-Factor Authentication

An extra layer of protection for your Deakin account.

Category list:Security
Multi-Factor Authentication is an extra layer of protection to safeguard your account. Also known as “MFA,” it adds “something you have,” such as your phone, to “something you know,” which is your password.
This will be familiar from logging into your Apple ID, Google Account, myGov and many banks. Many require an extra step before before granting access, such as responding to an app or entering an SMS code.
Deakin is now implementing Duo as our Multi-Factor Authentication solution. When you log into Deakin systems which have sensitive or personal information, you will need to respond to a Duo prompt. This appears as an Approve/Deny notification sent to your phone, or a numeric response code provided by the app.
Duo Mobile is no longer supported on Android 7.x and below

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