Microsoft Teams

Team chat and collaboration.

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Staff should install this software from the Software Center (Win) or Self Service (Mac).

Microsoft Teams is a group chat and collaboration system, enabling you to setup a “team” of people. Create a team for a short-term activity, a longer project, and/or one for your organisational workgroup. Teams provides chat, video and audio conferencing, file and document sharing, and provides a library of integrations, so you can edit on a wiki page, collaborate on an Excel spreadsheet or a Word document, view and share a GitHub repository, or bring in Twitter, Facebook and Bing News feeds into your channels.

Deakin’s Office 365 subscription provides Teams to all staff and students, enabling you to get started immediately by simply logging into using your Deakin credentials. Or download and install the native client for your device.

Find out more at the Microsoft Teams info site, and check Deakin’s Working from Home site for recommendations to effectively use Teams.

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