Cisco AMP for Endpoints

Advanced malware protection.

Category list:Security

Cisco AMP for Endpoints is automatically installed on all managed computers.

Cisco AMP for Endpoints is Deakin’s advanced malware solution, which goes beyond traditional detection tools to help identify and stop malware. It uses analytics and a worldwide cloud intelligence engine to identify malware based on behaviour, not just name or fingerprint, and can also retroactively quarantine items that were originally thought benign.

AMP for Endpoints is pre-installed on all managed staff and labs workstations. These installers enable staff to install the AMP for Endpoints Connector on an unmanaged University-owned computer, or a computer you own yourself (BYO).

On student computers, Deakin recommends using Microsoft Defender for Windows, or Sophos Anti-virus for Mac.

For more info, see Cisco’s Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) website.

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