WinSCP (Windows Secure Copy)

Transfer files from your computer to a remote server via FTP/SFTP.

Category list:Connectivity Tools

Note: If you have previously installed FileZilla, we recommend uninstalling it and scanning your computer for malware.
By using an FTP/Secure FTP (SFTP) client such as WinSCP, you can transfer files between your computer and a remote server. Files can be programs for your computer, web pages you’ve created, or documents you have written.

If you want to transfer files to and from your Deakin network home directory, use the following settings in your SFTP program:

  • Server:
  • Connect using Protocol: SFTP
  • Username: [Your Deakin Username]
  • Password: [Leave Blank] you will be prompted for this when you connect
  • Directory or Path: [Leave Blank]

For help with WinSCP, visit the WinSCP support site.

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