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Defend against WannaCrypt ransomware

Update Windows to defend against the worldwide WannaCrypt ransomware attack. (Machines running eSolutions images are already protected.)

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Mobile App Spotlight

Find food, a place to meet, or directions to your next class with Deakin Campus Compass.

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Apps. On Demand.

Access selected applications in your browser at any time, from anywhere.

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Move to a better Office

Install Microsoft Office on up to five personally-owned computers for free while enrolled at Deakin as part of the Office 365 Student Advantage Offer.

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Install new skills

Learn Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office 2016 or simply get the most out of Windows 10 and macOS Sierra. All for free.

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Autodesk for Free

Get full versions of Autodesk professional products such as Maya, 3ds Max and AutoCAD free for education use.

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Guidebooks for students living on campus.


Find a quick fact, or deep dive through Wikipedia's articles.

Deakin Campus Compass

Find your way around Deakin campuses.

Public Transport Victoria

Find your way on Victoria's public transport system.

CellOPark Australia

Use your phone to pay for only as much parking time as you need.

Abaqus Student Edition

Free education edition of Abaqus.


Cross-platform, extensible text editor.


Enhance CloudDeakin quizes, surveys and tests.

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